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    Why you should hire Laravel Developer from India?

    Why you should hire Laravel Developer from India?

    There are many reasons why more than 30-40% of Europeans and Americans hires developers from India. The same is true for Indian Laravel developers.

    Below are the reasons why companies hiring Laravel developer from India.

    1) Cost-effectiveness:

    Various onshore Laravel companies charges more than the developers in India. So, the main and the most important reason why companies like to outsource in India is the cost factor. Indian developers are cheaper, yet offers the quality in development.

    2) Easily Access to the Skilled & Experienced Laravel Developer:

    There are numerous expert agencies like Laravel Lions who has pool of certified and experience developers. These agencies spent on trainings to develop the skills of their developers. That is how Indian Laravel developers stays updated with Laravel Industry.

    3) By pass Hiring, Firing, HR Operations:

    When you hire a developer inhouse, then you have to follow hierarchy and other operations. But, when you outsource them from India, you can hire one immediately and fire existing as the replacement is always just a call away.

    4) Communication is the key:

    Indian Laravel developers are well communicators. They are pro in using Skype, Email, Phone, Gtalk, BaseCamp or really any communication style you want.

    5) Creativity, Business Focused Approach & Many more:

    Indian Laravel developers think from business prospective while writing the codes. They write codes creatively.

    Apart from above listed there are numerous benefits you can avail by hiring Indian Laravel developers. With Laravel Lions, you can hire developers for as low as 25 hours without doing any kind of long contract. So, hire Indian Laravel developer for your next Laravel development need.

    Cost of Hiring a Laravel developer is CHEAPER than not hiring one

    Yes, you read it CORRECTLY. If you own or manage a Laravel site, then you must have a Web developer who can work for your site whenever requires.

    While discussing with clients, we realize that clients loose big time when they compromises on hiring a Laravel developer.

    The lose impact on the sales directly. The loses can be,

    – Slow site
    – Bugs on site
    – Downtime on site
    – Site security may get compromised.
    – No upgrade benefits.
    – Sales drops.
    – No support to your marketing team
    – No tech marketing
    – & many more.

    When you don’t have a Laravel developer who can work for you as per your needs, then you face a big time loss.

    Having a Laravel developer won’t let you have such losses. That’s why it’s suggestable to have a Laravel developer who should be just a call away. Fill the below form if you wish to hire a Laravel developer for your store.


    How to change your Laravel developer?

    Laravel website owners generally change their developers when

    – Developers are costly.
    – Developers aren’t professional.
    – Developers aren’t skilled or certified.
    – Developers failed to perform the task.
    – & due to many other reasons.

    But, there are some unofficial rules website owners can follow which can deliver hassle-free migration from an old developer to a new developer.

    Our certified Laravel developer always takes the backup of the entire system first before taking things in hand. We keep taking backup weekly (daily if needed), so the chances of data loss will be almost null.

    We change passwords in the entire system. So old login credentials will fail. Apart from that we do code audits and remove malicious scripts. This will help your store technically at so many levels. It will also remove bad codes added by any of your coder, by chance.

    By adopting all industry standards, we help our clients to pass us all the web credentials without making their sites GO DOWN.

    If you are looking for a change, and want to hire affordable experienced Laravel developer then fill out the below form.

    With 90+ Load Speed, Improve Sales & Other Web Metrics

    A recent study proved that for every 1 second your page loads above the global benchmark (2 seconds for desktop, 4 seconds for mobile) you lose out on up to 7% on your conversion rates.

    Add that up over the space of a year. That’s a LARGE CHUNK OF REVENUE that your business is missing out on.

    What’s the solution?

    The easiest solution is to optimize your theme, codes, plugins, media, API & every technical section.

    With the help of Laravel Lions, you can achieve below figures.

    Yes, the figures are not impossible. It’s achievable. We helped stores to achieve such figures by optimizing their sites & themes.

    Let your store load flawlessly and power-up your sales & web engagements.

    Fill the below form to adopt this new technological trend & boost up sales.

    Are you overspending on YOUR site? Let’s talk.

    Every Web owner hires a site developer as per their tech needs.

    Many times it happens that site owners end up paying more for pro-level site developers for smaller tasks.

    It’s like hiring a rocket launcher to kill a mosquito.

    To overcome this problem, Laravel Lions comes with a pre-consulting service which we offer for FREE.

    When you inquire about a web developer, our customer success manager don’t assign any site developer randomly to you.

    If you have a small requirement then we will assign a fresher level developer. On the other hand, if your requirement is complex, then we will offer you a pro-level site developer.

    This has helped many web owners to save their budget on their technical spending. Even if you are working with any web agency, let’s talk and get a free estimation from us for your website’s tech spend.

    Consult us with your technical spending and we will help you to reduce it.


    Is your site stable?

    As per one research, it has come to the picture that stable sites received 41% more sales compared to unstable or buggy stores.

    Many site owners are unaware of the stability of their sites as they avoid auditing their site. That’s where their competitors took advantage.

    A stable site doesn’t mean keeping it up and running. It also means removing anything that could make it more prone to failure in the future.

    Site stability audit involves the audit of

    – Code
    – Server
    – Database
    – SEO
    – Testing Process
    – Crash Reporting
    – All other technical factors

    You may not be knowing, but many visitors will move away from your site just because they lose trust on your site due to bugs and crashes they felt during the buyer’s journey.

    That’s why having a stable site is always advisable.

    At Laravel Lions, the sales of our clients have increased after running stability audits. If you are also looking to improve sales, make your site stable today.

    Is your site slow? Let’s talk

    While discussing with many web merchants, we realized site owners faces a general problem that their site runs slow.

    There could be multiple reasons behind it, such as,

    – Poor programming
    – Poor server
    – Poor technical configuration
    – Unoptimized media
    – JavaScript, CSS or other Technical factors
    – & many more

    Above reason always leads to slow your site which will decrease your SALES CYCLE. You will not able to see your sales growth with a SLOW SITE.

    Thus, to overcome this problem, with certified inhouse developers, Laravel Lions comes with our web speed expert unit.

    We have trained and skilled developer who has proven experience in making site faster.

    If you are also dealing with slow site issue, then let’s discuss about it now.

    Why Should You Hire A Creative Designer For Your Site/App?

    It is no longer a secret that adopting latest UI/UX touch in your site can improve the sales. Designing is not only about giving an attracting look to your site, but it’s also about placing web elements such as product images and buttons at their best places in a way that user engages with them.

    That’s why having an experience and creative designer will bring below pros for your store:

    • Better usability and accessibility

    Creative designers will look for ways to turn your site/app more accessible to the users thus boosting conversions. This will help with improved user-friendliness, consistency, and visibility of your store. Again, they will include the fonts, colors, images, videos, etc. that resonate well with the store vision for better usability.

    • Higher ROI

    A creative designer will focus on coming up with web/app design that is intuitive in nature. Many studies suggest that your site will be able to target higher ROI by ensuring intuitive UX.

    • Higher customer retention rate

    A creative designer will focus on the main need of the business is to bring in more customers as well as boost customer retention rate to boost sales. A good designer will access your web store and come up with proper user acquisition and retention strategy that will focus on the looks and functionalities of the store.

    • Capability to load site faster

    An experienced web designer has capability to reuse CSS & other codes. He/She can also optimize web medias such a way that the eCommerce will load smoother and faster. This will directly impact on sales, positively.


    Neglecting designer’s consultation will not help you achieve your sales goals. So, hire an experienced eCommerce designer who can help you run UI/UX audit and give you design level guidance.

    Benefits of having a remote Laravel developer for your site

    Laravel offers range of technical functionalities for web owners.
    If you know how to take leverage of such functionalities, then it can help to boost sales.

    It’s advisable to hire a Laravel developer to leverage benefits from Laravel system. Hiring a remote Laravel developer can help you to leverage below benefits.

    1. It saves budget – Laravel remote developer is very much cheaper. Cost of hiring Laravel developer remotely is almost 40%-50% lower compare to inhouse hiring.

    2. No need to have Machine/Infrastructure/ecosystem – If you hire a Laravel developer remotely then you will save budget on hiring computer system & ecosystem.

    3. Flexibility – Remote developer can work on your flexibility. NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS. You can pause the work whenever you want.

    4. Broad range of developers – Supply of developers in the remote world is very good. When supply increases, the quality of service increases automatically. You will surely get the best talent to work on your tasks.

    Apart from above mention points, there are numerous benefits one can avail by hiring a Laravel developer remotely from agencies such as Mage Monkeys who has experience in offering skilled & certified Laravel developers all across the globe.

    Save your budget by hiring a remote developer today.

    Now hire Laravel developers for as low as just 25 hours

    The problem that many Laravel merchants face is to get into long-term contract with Laravel development agencies even when they don’t have much technical work to get done.

    This seems UNFAIR, right?

    Well, why to pay for full pizza when you just need a slice!

    With Laravel certified developers on-board, Mage Monkeys has a solution for you where you can hire experienced Laravel developer for as low as just 25 hours.


    – Certified developers
    – Flexibility in Hiring
    – Save tons by avoiding long term contract [We sign no contract unless you ask]

    So, if you got a small Laravel work or if you are looking for developers on temporary basis, Laravel Lions s is your answer.

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