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    How to migrate your Shopify store to WooCommerce?

    How to migrate your Shopify store to WooCommerce?

    It takes a lot of technical work and budget to maintain the Shopify store. Shopify charges you for every order. Plus, you won’t be having ownership of your code. Isn’t that unfair? That’s why many eCommerce stores are migrating their way towards to WooCommerce which is faster, more flexible, and user friendly.

    Migrating your online store is like moving house. If you want to transport all your stuff from Shopify to WooCommerce without breaking or losing a single piece of data. We’re here to explain exactly how to seamlessly move sites with our step-by-step guide.

    Migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce in 6 steps:

    1. Export and download your product data from Shopify.
    2. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce → Products.
    3. Select Import at the top. There, you’ll find a built-in product CSV importer that will make the process easier.
    4. Click Choose File and select the CSV file that you want to import. Click Continue.
    5. You’ll see the Column Mapping screen, where WooCommerce automatically attempts to match the column name of your Shopify CSV file to WooCommerce product fields. You may need to map some of these on your own; do so using the dropdown menus to the right of each row.
    6. Select Run the Importer and wait until the import process is finished.

    One can do the migration very easily if he/she is having technical knowledge. But, it’s not recommended to execute the migration process if you’re not technically an expert. We suggest you hire a certified migration agency like WordPressWolves to perform your migration task.

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